About Us


To design, deliver and support appropriate ‘IT solution s’ to professionals in the Technical Industry.


(i) To Train Technical Computer packages
(ii) To Digitize hard copies of technical drawings
(iii) To prepare realistic computer 3D models
(v) To provide support services and sale of related software and hard ware.
(vi) To advice on directions CAD application in the IT global market trends and provide support
(vii) To provide comprehensive IT solutions thereby reducing conflicts arising from commissioning different firms.

  • Autodesk ( General Drafting, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Media and Entertainment, and Building Designs solution software)
  • Stratasys (3D printing and Technologies)
  • Fiberpipe (GRP pipes)
  • V-Ray (Animation and visualization)
  • Tansoft Solutions (Road fine tuning design and contents)


Kasumo Technologies is a dynamic company that specializes in the provision of IT Services to the Technical Industry. The company emerged as a result of a long –term market demand in the Technical Industry for specialized IT services specifically geared towards the industry.

In its approach, Kasumo Technologies has realized the need for an integrated solution that aligns our clients’ demands to a total IT Solution’ It is with this vision that the company was created.

As a Technologies company, Kasumo offers services and solutions  utilizing various skills  dictated by custom we requirement. Our success rests solely in the hands of highly  qualified employees. In respect, we have implemented Employee incentive programs to enable our staff deliver a competent,  efficient service to our customers and ensure a motivated and focused team.

Kasumo Technologies has its office situated Hugo House, First Floor, Kinondoni  Road  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Realizing the fragmented nature under which many in the Technical Industry are operating with regards to modern developments in IT, Kasumo Technologies plans to provide consultancy to such firms, using the available resources, so as to be lat par with the global trends.
In its strategy, Kasumo Technologies plan to undertake and venture into developing professionals and firms in the Technical Industry incorporating specific aspects related to IT. Whilst it is a truism that no firm can claim a complete mastering and provision of a ‘Total Solution’ Kasumo Technologies has, in its approach.
In its approach, Kasumo Technologies plan to undertake the venture into developing professionals and firms in the technical Industry incorporating specific aspects related to IT. Whilst it is a truism that no firms claim a complete mastering and provision of a ‘Total Solution’, Kasumo Technologies has its approach, specialized itself to specifically deal in matters relating to Technological Developments within the Technical Industry.


The aim of the company is to provide CAD related IT Solutions to technical industries in recognizance of the advancement of IT around the globe.

And IT solution comprises of training of technical staffs, supply of soft ware and hard ware coupled with the advice to software/hardware use.